Elston Engineering Services Ltd (EES) provides mechanical engineering services to assist with product and process development, applying computer synthesis and analysis techniques to conceptual design, plus assisting companies with incorporating computer aided engineering and data management into their business processes.

We are specialists in the development of fibre reinforced plastic composite structures where accuracy, high stiffness and low mass are crucial.

Current projects include the development of carbon composite structures with severe stiffness and mass requirements in adverse dynamic operating conditions, achieving reductions of mass by up to two-thirds for no performance degradation and at half the cost.  Many of these are for Radar systems and Satcom equipment, both land based and shipborne.  Other major areas of work are autosport, aerospace and defence, including Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.

A favourite quotation

"It was engineering - much more than science - that accomplished the Moon Landing .... and an engineer, not a scientist, was the first to set foot on another world."

(James Hansen 'First Man:  the Life of Neil Armstrong', 2006)