FEM by Elston Engineering Services

Talisman M Underwater Vehicle



Photos Courtesy of BAE Systems


Talisman L Underwater Vehicle

Elston Engineering Services undertook the structural design and analysis of BAE Systems' Talisman M autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) in the spring of 2007, enabling Lola/Altanet to deliver the vehicle to begin systems integration at the end of March, concurrent with its debut at the Oceans Business 2007 exhibition in Southampton.

This challenging timescale could only be achieved by having a fully integrated team from EES, Altanet and BAE Systems.  The team was rewarded with the prestigious BAE Systems Chairman's Silver Award.

EES continued to provide the structural design and analysis inputs for variants of Talisman M, all to aggressive timescales.  The rear fins were designed, analysed, tooled, manufactured and fitted over a two week period - out of the water on one Sunday afternoon and back in operation two Saturdays later.  The smaller Talisman L was designed, analysed and built in 2009.